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My Independent Bookshop (_http://myindependentbookshop.co.uk_) has undergone a transformation for the new year. Here be extracts from the email Wossname received from their administrators:

We're closing our doors

    "In May 2014, we launched My Independent Bookshop as a community where book lovers could create and curate their own virtual bookshelves, connect with independent bookshops across the UK and interact with fellow bibliophiles.

    "On 21st December 2015, we'll be closing our doors in preparation for moving into the brand new http://www.penguin.co.uk/ in the New Year. Here you'll be able to find information on all Penguin Random House books and authors, as well as read regularly published articles on all things books.

    "Along the way, we have had an amazing amount of support from everyone we've worked with, from independent bookshops, authors, publishers and of course you – our virtual bookshop owners. Together you made the My Independent Bookshop community a vibrant place to show off our latest literary loves and discuss the books that meant something to us. Thank you for populating our virtual streets with your top picks, rave reviews and stellar shops. Over 20,000 books were put up on the shelves at My Independent Bookshop."

Sir Pterry was among those 20,000 recommenders. If any of you were also in that number, O Readers, we commend you for attempting to fight against the vile culture-destroying Beast of Amazon. Here's hoping 2016 will be the year that more and more people wake up and remember that keeping bookshops physical and local truly does matter...

"Vendor Librorum Floreat" – Flanders and Swann
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One from the vaults: a 15-minute reading from Good Omens, by Jon Strickland at the 2012 Cheltenham Literary Festival.

It's the wonderful scene (pages 74-79 in the Gollancz hardcover) in which Carmine 'Red' Zuigiber, aka War, gets her special delivery that signals the Apocalypse is nigh.

Auntie Beeb says: 'The towering double act's funny yet sinister sci-fi story.'

This programme will be available to listeners all over the world for the next 28 days. It really is quite good! To listen, go to:

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Cover, cover, who's got the cover... or is it? Time will tell...

Also on Thursday 4th June: the release of Corgi's paperback edition of the adorable Dragons at Crumbling Castle. Just the thing for your wee'uns' summer reading - or yours!

Dragons at Crumbling Castle is priced at £6.99. For more information, and to buy (in-house 'Buy' button is located on the page), go to



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