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The Terry Pratchett: HisWorld exhibition opens in September...

A four-month exhibition on the works and life of Sir Terry Pratchett opens at the Salisbury Museum this coming September: "The Salisbury Museum, The Estate of Terry Pratchett and Paul Kidby present 'Terry Pratchett: HisWorld', an exclusive major exhibition based on the extraordinary life of Sir Terry Pratchett, the creative genius behind the Discworld series. Follow his journey to becoming one of our best known and best loved writers. This unique exhibition will include artwork by the man himself and treasured items owned by Sir Terry which have never previously been on public display. Also featured will be over forty original illustrations by Paul Kidby, Sir Terry's artist of choice."

When: 16th September 2017 to 13th January 2018
Venue: Salisbury Museum, The King's House, 65 The Close, Salisbury, Wilts SP1 2EN (phone 01722 332151, email museum@salisburymuseum.org.uk)
Time: opening times are Monday to Saturday 10:00 to 17:00, Sundays (9 April - 29 October) 12:00 to 17:00. "Please note that our cafe is closed on Sundays."
Tickets: Adult £8, child £4, family (2 adults/4 children) £20, under-5s free. "Please note that all tickets issued by the museum are ANNUAL PASSES and are valid for one year. This is a condition of participating in the Gift Aid scheme and is offered regardless of whether you opt for the standard or donation admission."


Tickets are also available online from http://salisbury.merlintickets.co.uk/product/ADME


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Birdworld, home of the new Terry Pratchett Owl Parliament, will be hosting a Discworld Day on Friday 28th April - which is, of course, our favourite author's birthdate!

"To celebrate the launch of the new exhibit we’re hosting a special day for Discworld fans filled with special guests and additional talks. Follow our social media pages for more information."



And on that day, at that place, there will also be a couple of very special guests:

As tweeted by Birdworld
wossname: cropped photo of Paul Kidby's stunning Pratchett sculpt (Kidby's Pterry bust)
A four-month exhibition on the works and life of Sir Terry Pratchett opens at the Salisbury Museum this coming September:

(as tweeted by the Discworld Emporium here)

Meanwhile, Terry Pratchett: Back in Black is currently airing on BBC2 and will be available via BBC iPlayer for a 'short while' afterwards. And for those of you who don't mind spoilage of a documentary (if such a thing can even be A Thing), here be a freshly posted review by Frank Cottrell Boyce in The Guardian:

   "One of the charms of this docudrama is that it largely eschews the usual talking heads in favour of Discworld fans. Even the famous faces that do appear – Neil Gaiman, Pratchett's consigliere Rob Wilkins, the illustrator Paul Kidby – first entered Pratchett's orbit as fans. Whether it was the life-changing offer he made to collaborate with the young Gaiman on Good Omens, or the blessing to Stephen Briggs's attempts to map Ankh-Morpork, or simply Tipp-Exing over an old dedication in a secondhand copy of one of his books so he could 'unsign' it for its new owner, Pratchett showered his fans with favours like a Highland clan chief. It's a clan with its own code of honour: to 'be a bit more Terry' is to be kinder, more tolerant.

   "At first, it feels a little uncomfortable that instead of the man himself, we have the actor Paul Kaye dressed up as him. But then you notice that nearly everyone here is dressed up – as a witch, a member of the Nightwatch or some other character – and of course Pratchett himself was always dressed up as Terry Pratchett, with the iconic hat, big beard and black jackets..."

wossname: cropped photo of Paul Kidby's stunning Pratchett sculpt (Kidby's Pterry bust)
Terry Pratchett: Back in Black will be broadcast on BBC2 in a week! And if you want to whet your appetite for this feast, CLICK HERE TO VIEW A VERY SHORT TEASER TRAILER!

And yes, it is uncanny how well actor Paul Kaye delivers Sir Pterry's speech patterns and vocal tone :-)
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Nullus Anxietas VI - The Australian Discworld Convention


4th-6th August 2017
Lakes Resort Hotel, West Lakes, South Australia

All aboard for the Discworld Grand Tour!

Grab your ticket at the early-bird price before February 4th, 2017.

"But it's just after Hogswatch, I can't afford that right now!" you may cry! Well, despair not! If you purchase a Supporting Membership prior to February 4th 2017, you can upgrade at a later date to the early-bird price!

No tourist is complete without a cheesy hat or t-shirt, and we've got plenty available! Check out our full range of souvenirs at https://ausdwcon.org/shop/souvenirs/

And of course, for all the information about the Discworld Grand Tour, including activities, venue, and more, visit our website at http://ausdwcon.org

Find us on Facebook at https://facebook.com/Ausdwcon and on Twitter at https://twitter.com/ausdwcon
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...the Year of the Backwards Facing Artichoke. At least according to the good folk at Cunning Artificer HQ, aka the Discworld Emporium. And as they're located in Wincanton, official twin town of Ankh-Morpork, we have to assume they'd know!

Here be the Emporium’s rather spiffy artwork for the YotBFA:

To view it in its original posting, go to the this post on the Discworld Emporium's Twitter account.
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News from the Discworld Emporium...

"There's only seven days left to place your Hogswatch orders with us if you live outside of Europe and the US! For all our customers who don't live in the UK, Europe or the USA, we wanted to drop you a note to let you know that you have just seven days to place your Hogswatch orders before our cut-off date of the 2nd of December. After this date there's no guarantee the items will reach you in time for Hogswatch!

"As an official branch of the Ankh-Morpork Post Office we pride ourselves on offering swift and reliable delivery all over the Roundworld, but even our postmen deserve a rest over the festive holiday! For our final posting dates and holiday closure information please read on! For delivery in time for the Hogfather to make his rounds, please be sure to order by the recommended dates below":

Thursday 1st December
Africa, Middle East

Tuesday 6th December
Cyprus, Asia, Eastern Europe (except Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia), Far East (including Japan), Caribbean, Central & South America

Thursday 8th December
Greece, Australia, New Zealand

Tuesday 13th December
Western Europe (Except Greece), Ireland, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Canada, USA

Thursday 15th December
United Kingdom

"ORDERS WILL CEASE SHIPPING FROM THURSDAY 15TH. YOU ARE WELCOME TO PLACE ORDERS OVER THE FESTIVE PERIOD, BUT PLEASE NOTE THAT THEY WILL NOT SHIP UNTIL WE REOPEN ON FRIDAY 6TH JANUARY. THE EMPORIUM SHOP IN WINCANTON WILL BE CLOSED FROM THURSDAY 22ND DEC – FRIDAY 6TH JANUARY. Please note that communication will be limited at this time, as we'll likely be pissed as farts. Refund or replacement requests made during our closure will be processed on our return."



Introducing our limited edition Hogswatch stamps & souvenirs!

"For this year's designs, we asked Discworld artist David Wyatt to create a special festive version of the cityscape he illustrated for the Discworld Emporium's website homepage – and the result is a stunning collection of stamps & ephemera to get us into the festive spirit! The Hogswatch 50p stamps are available on a traditional First Day Cover, as a limited edition minisheet featuring a triptych of stamps set inside David's festive scene, and in a special edition 'Little Brown Envelope' – a lucky dip assortment of Discworld stamps!"


"This year we're rolling our super-limited Hogswatch and Seasonal LBEs into one festive bonanza of an edition! The Happy Hogswatch LBE will be available for the Hogswatch season until December 25th, and is packed full of the sports of a super-limited edition but features MORE prizes, AND the free stamp of a standard seasonal LBE! Each LBE contains one of three Hogswatch 50p stamps, exclusive to this issue, along with a free Hogfather Penny stamp as a gift from us! The Hogfather Penny is also available to collect as a whole sheet of stamps for collection or application to your Hogswatch correspondence! Lucky LBEs contain prize tickets for sport First Day Covers (featuring sport variants of the Hogswatch 50p), and exclusive sets of 3 whole stamp Sheets. Plus TWO of the most coveted stamps of them all – the Temple of Small Gods Blue Triangle Sports – are waiting to be found in this festive bonanza along with Clacks-o-grams, dead letter labels and sports!"



wossname: A Clacks rendering of GNU Terry Pratchett (GNU)
...and here be a word from the lovely lads at Backspindle Games:

We are delighted to make a couple of Christmas Offers!

Special Clacks offer!

For a limited period, you can order a copy of the game and a beautifully sculpted miniature by Microart Studios that can be used in the cooperative race game or you can order Moist by himself. (Miniature supplied unpainted)



Below you can order a combination of our Award Winning, HIT Wrestling game, Luchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice with a copy of our brand new No. 1 Themeless game in the Dice Tower Podcast, Codinca... or you can order our really popular, (three games in one) Discworld board game, Clacks, based on the Terry Pratchett novel, Going Postal, together with a copy of Codinca.

Please note, the last days for posting from our Post Office service are:
UK Customers – 20 December 2016
EU Customers – 16 December 2016 and
ROW Customers – 10 December 2016

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The Rochester Literature Festival, running this very weekend, will feature a Turtle Moves day in honour of The Author! "Fun and activities for all ages inspired by Sir Terry Pratchett's Discworld. We were too far down the line to organise a tribute to STP last year, but were keen to keep his name and work alive. 'The Turtle Moves' is the call of Discworld fans across the Roundworld! Our main base of operations will be the Rochester Community Hub, where the Medway Adult and Community Learning Service is partnering us with 3 themed workshops. We'll also have our own crafty drop in session, plus other activities available in the high street. Make it a mini comic con too, and come along dressed as your favourite Discworldian – we promise you won't be alone!"

When: Saturday 8th October 2016
Venue: Community Hub and High Street, Rochester Literature Festival, Rochester, Kent
Time: 10am–4pm

Free activities at the Community Hub (all children to be accompanied by an adult; booking required where stated) will include a Juvenile Crafters' Guild – "Feet of Clay – Make your own Golem", "Magrat's Magical Herbs – Botanical illustration", "The Octavo – Create your own powerfully magic spell book", and "Interesting Times: Design your own Luggage, Maskerade Mask or Quantum Weather Butterfly." Also, in the High Street, there will be theatre, games ("Rochester Games and Models is hosting a re-enactment of the Battle of Koom Valley!"), and "Discworld Delicacies from Nanny Ogg and CMOT Dibbler" at Cafe @172.

And best of all – Dark Morris: "The Dark Morris – (Wolf's Head and Vixen) As alluded to in Wintersmith! Border Morris is the most primitive and arguably the most exhilarating of the Morris dancing styles. Wolf's Head (the men) and Vixen (the women) dance to a variety of traditional and original tunes, with a Gothic feel and a mesmerising drumbeat."

[Border Morris are a truly wonderful and exciting side. I've seen a number of their videos. Look them up on the Clacks! – Ed.]

To read the full schedule, go to https://rochesterlitfest.com/2016/09/02/rlf2016-the-turtle-moves/

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From Brian Dominic, Wossname's fan man on the scene, who writes:

(Starts computer)

(Straps into saddle)

(Starts pedalling)

RIGHT – let's go!

    What follows is a very personal account of what was a fabulous weekend.................

THURSDAY (helping day)

    I'd arrived at the Ramada hotel (the overflow hotel just down the road from the Grange) reasonably early in the morning, and having been able to check in before The Allotted Time I was able to go up to the Grange, find Ops and ask if there was anything that needed doing. Eyes lit up. I was duly handed a thick wad of posters and some Blu-tac, and sent forth to decorate the hotel. The walls of the hotel were dotted with fake adverts for things a Morporkian might want to buy – all tastefully produced and in various sizes. I caught up with (and lent a hand to) the Official Renaming Detail, who were erecting the large signs that said "UPPER BROADWAY" "LOWER BROADWAY" "CAVERN CLUB" "STO LAT", "L SPACE (1 & 2)" (when joined together they were an l-shaped place) so that people would know where they were.

    After this, is was Goodie Bag Stuffing Time! Picture the scene: a long line of tables, stacked with Goodies – a "Mystery Envelope" packed with totally unknown goodies, the Posh Programme (which normally gets looked at by me after the event), the Read Me, which is a smaller and more convenient version of the Convention Programme – as suggested, this is the one you can use your highlighter and marker pen on to mark up those unmissable events you just HAVE to go to, plus a colouring sheet, a set of small coloured pencils to use on it, a commemorative medal and the all-important lanyard, pen and badge holder. One walked steadily down one side of the table, adding each article as one passed it, then left the full bags at the other end, picked up an empty bag and worked your way down the other side of the table, which had exactly the same things on it in the same order!

    After dinner, the evening was taken up with The Incredibly Hard Pub Quiz (well, she DOES have two years to put it together) with an incredibly picky Judge of What Is Right (the only village in the UK with an exclamation mark in it's name is Westward Ho!, but miss the exclamation mark off and you get nil points).

    That was about it for Thursday.................

FRIDAY (Registration Day)

    This was the day I now normally give to the Convention: I was on duty just after 0900 in Registration, to unite Convention goers with their badge and goodie bag. Old hands knew what to do, but newcomers had to be told what to do with their badge (no sniggers at the back, there!) and to put their hotel key cards there as well, to save them getting deprogrammed by their mobile phone. It was also our job to suggest that Newbies went to Der Troll's Guide For Der Confused – a briefing intended for new visitors. We also had to tactfully enquire if there were any issues which would require the addition of a blue spot to a badge which gave priority in queues and lifts. As the registrations progressed, we found our selves with less and less boxes to look through as more and more people arrived and the contents of the boxes (one envelope for each attendee) disappeared. When we got to two boxes, we moved the Registration table across Upper Broadway to a more shady spot, as we had been under the Greenhouse Roof on the outer side and were starting to gently bake. I'd been off site for some reason and arrived back as Bernard Pearson was about to read "Where's My Cow" - an experience I would have liked to share in, but people were crammed into the space provided and there was no way I could get any way near.

    I missed the Opening Ceremony, which actually finished before the scheduled time – something of a "first" – but got in for Terry Pratchett – a Memorial which were the highlights of the Memorial held earlier this year. I don't know how much of this may have leaked around to Oz, but I suspect it might get there sooner or later so I won't say to much about it. The only thing I WILL share is that the final item was "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life". I sat, I sang, I wept uncontrollably (and I wasn't the only one)...................

    Next up was Bedtime Stories, for which I didn't follow the pyjamas dress code! There was some interesting material, including the outline of a section of a book that will never be published (and which was shredded in stage after it had been read). Finally, I went to the Karaoke Session, which was rubbishy in that it didn't contain any of the ninety-odd songs I sing.

SATURDAY (Costume Day)

    This was the day I intended to wear my Auditor's costume all day and appear in the Masquerade. The first thing to do was to attend the Masquerade Rehearsal, to work out what things needed to happen in my piece, and get Pat Harkin to co-operate with what I wanted to do. After that, I costumed up and went a-wandering. I managed to drop in on a session or two – nobody stopped me.................... For lunch and dinner I dropped out of character – when I took off the mesh mask that effectively stopped people from seeing me I was quite surprised at how cool it was! It was very difficult to stay in character – stopping oneself from using "I" is very, very difficult! I dropped into the Stephen Briggs / Rob Watkins conversation but chickened out of How to fit a Corset and Sewing Cheats! After dinner, it was time to report backstage for the Masquerade. At least we could see each act as it went on but we couldn't unfortunately hear them, as we'd only got a monitor off the video system which was projecting images onto a large screen alongside the stage. Whilst the judges were deliberating, we all went for a photo shoot, then went back in to hear the results. After that, it was off to the late night Hedgehog Party, where everybody can bring food from their part of the country / world...............

SUNDAY (Lazy Day)

    I started off late on Sunday – my first event was at 1100 and was entitled "Liner notes – Annotating the Discworld" which gave an interesting insight into the adding of footnotes and the building up to a punch line. I went to Juke Box Jury, where the idea was to sing one tune to the words of another. In the course of this workshop, we came across a previously unknown version of The Dwarf Song, sung to the tune of "Let it Go" from Frozen......... later, I took in the children's Masquerade, seeing as how I hadn't seen the adult one. As I wasn't attending the Gala Dinner, I took myself into Leamington Spa to meet up with a group of similarly-minded attendees. I went back to the Con in time for Toast & Jam, where anybody can get up to sing anything (more or less) but this was disturbed by some Gawd-awful rattling on the ceiling (which was in fact the floor under the stage in the main Con performing space). I went up to investigate and found a 4 piece rock band setting up to perform............ which they did for around 90 minutes, following which I headed off.

MONDAY (Wind Down Day)

    I didn't do an awful lot today: I went to the feedback session which is always interesting, followed by The Day's Big Event "Witches Abroad – The Musical" which was excellent, given that there's very little time to rehearse. It inevitably over-ran so we all got booted out of the hall and got told to come back 30 minutes later than scheduled for the Closing Ceremony. The band I had supported was ushered into an area at the front, as we'd won the Battle of the Bands, one of the things which had run throughout the Convention but totally passed me by. Once all the rewards and presentations were completed, we went off to the Dead Monkey Party, which is a gentle winding-down party with loadsa food. I ended up playing my second game of Cards Against Humanity and actually won my first black card! (Authors' note: see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cards_Against_Humanity if you have no idea what this is all about....)

    Annnnnnnnnnnd – that was that!

    I drove back into The Real WorldTM the next morning – the temporary traffic lights near the hotel which slowed everybody up, roadworks on a critical junction which caused even more chaos but at least after that, traffic was flowing...................


And here, in all its sentient-life-hating-Auditor glory, is Brian's excellent costume:

Editor's note: We've been holding the August issue for this report. The full issue, email version, will go out in a few hours' time...
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      All Discworld conventiongoers, and a vast number of other Discworld fans, know well the name of Colin Smythe, "the man who discovered Terry Pratchett", published his early novels, and then served as his literary agent for the rest of The Author's days. But not everyone may realise that Colin Smythe is a world-respected publisher of fifty years' standing who, through the company Colin Smythe Ltd, offers some of the best and rarest of Irish literature, a fascinating selection of literary criticism, theatre history, biographies, and yes, even science fiction and fantasy works *not* by Terry Pratchett! And now the Colin Smythe Ltd internet presence is beautifully catalogued and up-to-date, all shiny and in good working order.

      For the Pratchett-and-Discworld fan, there's a comprehensive set of infopages covering the entire oeuvre of Terry Pratchett – hundreds of individual pages, painstakingly compiled, and including all the Discworld novels in all their forms (books, audiobooks, graphic novels, films, radio and stage plays, etc.) and Discworld auxiliaries, both by Sir Terry himself (Where's My Cow?, The World of Poo, Mrs Bradshaw's Handbook) and collaborative works such as Good Omens, The Unadulterated Cat, the Long Earth series, the Discworld Companions, Folklore of Discworld, Mapps, Almanaks, Diaries, Calendars, Nanny Ogg's Cookbook and so on... the non-Discworld novels, short story collections and nonfiction collections... a compendium of works *about* the works of Terry Pratchett (articles, interviews, analyses – 45 years' worth so far!) and assorted articles and other contributions *by* him... the chronology and extensive biographical information for the life and times of Terence David John Pratchett, from earliest days to a collection of farewells and memorials, and so much more – including international fan convention literature (with links!). Even Wossname gets a mention!

      A few of the many fascinating Pratchett-y things you'll learn by wandering around the site:

* Josh Kirby's real name

* The true story of that German soup advert

* Tales of sex and death (all right, sex *of* Death)

* Young Terry Pratchett's definition of autocracy

* What Discworld publication was a nonfiction bestseller

* What Discworld novel was originally titled Interesting Times

      Furthermore, any fans of other great writers such as Yeats, Joyce, Shaw, Synge and Wilde will find invaluable resources in Colin Smythe Ltd's catalogue.

      A wonderful, useful website. Do have a look!

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The word from Penguin Classics on the newly published (Doubleday) graphic novel of Small Gods:

"Like all things on the Discworld, religion is a controversial business. Small gods, elbowing for space at the top, rely on faith and followers to retain their status. Not a good time then, for the Great God Om to be reduced to tortoise form, barely able to muster up a static shock let alone a good old fashioned thunderbolt. He needs followers, fast, and Brutha the novice is the Chosen One – or at least, the only One available... Follow the misadventures of our favourite novice priest and his tortoise deity in Ray Friesen's stunning new adaptation of Terry Pratchett's bestselling novel. Fully illustrated for the first time, this graphic novel brings Brutha and Om to life as never before."

I will agree with them that the adaptation is stunning – but not in the way they undoubtedly meant it. As Editor of Wossname and as a passionate Discworld enthusiast of many years' standing, I cannot in conscience promote this volume. As in really, really can't. I hate saying negative things about any Pratchett work, but there is no way around it this time: I think this is some of the worst, ugliest and least competent "professional" comics art I've ever seen (and I've seen a lot), and at the very least I find its childish, visual-slapstick style horribly inappropriate for what could well be the most artistically significant and intellectually bracing of all the Discworld novels.

Graham Higgins' artwork for the graphic novel of Guards! Guards! was simply delicious, and brought the A-M City Watch to glorious life. Higgins' artwork for Mort was decidedly inferior to that, but still bearable if one viewed it with a squint in a following wind. But this... this... I swear, if I were Nuggan I would Abominate the new graphic novel of Small Gods, and rightly.

I'll grant that Ray Friesen's Official Terry Pratchett Brand[sorta-TM] icons have a certain twee charm. But I can only deplore the decision from Team Pratchett to hire Friesen as artist for any graphic novel, much less one as mighty as Small Gods. I won't be buying it and I won't be promoting it, and I am very saddened by this. I probably will lose some goodwill from Team Pratchett by making my opinions on this public, and that saddens me as well, but my conscience demands I tell my true opinion here. And so it goes. Ah well, there's always the forthcoming (and utterly fabulous) Paul Kidby Discworld Colouring Book to console myself with...


Now then – if you, O Reader, are interested in purchasing or even doing a suck-and-see crash test of the Small Gods graphic novel, you can go to http://classics.penguin.co.uk/q/1H7kqwtAO5cfPZCdyGG9j/wv where you will find links for both a free sample download and purchasing options.

Also, if anyone out there wants to send a review of the Small Gods graphic novel to Wossname, we will publish it whether the reviewer agrees with your Editor or disagrees just as violently :-)

Here endeth this rant. July edition of Wossname coming in a few hours' time...
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Exciting news, O Readers! And I know that for our household this is a long-hoped-for dream come true:

  "Containing black-and-white line drawings based on his hugely popular artwork as well as original pieces produced exclusively for this book, Terry Pratchett's Discworld Colouring Book features iconic Discworld personalities as Granny Weatherwax, Sam Vimes, Rincewind, Tiffany Aching and, of course, DEATH.

  Gollancz Digital Publisher, Darren Nash said 'This is the perfect mix of fad and phenomenon: adult colouring books and the UK's bestselling Fantasy series. And the fact that it's come from Paul and Rob is a guarantee that Sir Terry's creations will be treated with the respect they deserve.' Rob Wilkins said: 'Paul Kidby is Terry Pratchett's artist of choice. Paul – in a seemingly effortless and certainly modest way – breathed life into Terry's characters for more than two decades. Terry often commenting that Paul must have the ability to step right into Discworld, because the accuracy with which he depicts his creations often surpassed his own imagination.' Paul Kidby said: 'It's been a great pleasure to select some of my favourite artworks and recreate them as line drawings here ready for colouring. Now it's over to you to embark upon the Discworld colouring-in extravaganza. The future is bright; it's not orange, it's Octarine!'

  If Terry Pratchett's pen gave his characters life, Paul Kidby's brush allowed them to live it. He provided the illustrations for The Last Hero, which sold over 300,000 copies, and has designed the covers for the Discworld novels since 2002. He is also the author of the definitive portfolio volume The Art Of Discworld."

  Terry Pratchett's Discworld Colouring Book will be published by Gollancz on the 11th August priced at £9.99. You can pre-order a copy at Discworld.com by going to http://bit.ly/1SlbsOF

TO READ THE FULL PRESS RELEASE, GO TO http://discworld.com/press-release-colouring-book-announced/

...and here is an image of the cover. But to see it in its full glory, go to the URL above!

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First a blue plaque in his local library, now a possible – probable?! – bronze statue in Salisbury!

"Although Salisbury City Council's services committee has backed the plans, money still needs to be raised to build it and planning consent also needs to be obtained... The campaign to build the statue is being led by Mr Kidby with the support of Sir Terry's family... The aim is to pay for the statue through crowd-funding and sponsorship from local companies. A[sic] initial sketch has been made by the artist, but it will take about six months to build the life-size sculpture. 'It would be Terry, life-sized standing on a granite base which will have a depiction of Discworld on it. People would hopefully be able to stand next to Terry and hopefully interact with it,' said Mr Kidby."


And here be a concept sketch from the hand of Mr Kidby himself:


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