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Colwick Theatre Club is staging Maskerade this week – starting tonight!

When: 28th, 29th, 30th October
Venue: Colwick Community Centre, Vale Road, Colwick, Notts NG4
Time: 7.30pm all shows
Tickets: £4 (concessions £3). To book, ring the box office on 0115 8471982 or 07507299526

Also, there is a related human interest – well, feline interest – story in the Nottingham Post:

"A missing cat returned to its owners having lost an eye after five years in the wilderness – and weeks before the couple perform in a play featuring a one-eyed feline. Half-Persian tabby Silva was feared dead when she went missing from her Colwick home in 2010. But last Monday owner Gale Brammer received a call from Cat Rescue saying microchipped Silva had been picked up by one of their volunteers. The news came as Gale, 56, and her husband Richard, 48, were rehearsing the Colwick Theatre Club's production of Terry Pratchett's Maskerade. Richard, producer of the show, said: 'It's the most bizarre coincidence. It was almost too coincidental to be true. In the play, Nanny Ogg has a tomcat called Greebo, who only has one eye. Silva had two eyes when we last saw her, so she must have been through some awful things. It's very sad, but she's home and safe now.'... The couple toyed with the idea of casting their cat in the role but decided it would be too cruel to put her on stage in front of live audiences... The couple have since raised £200 for Cat Rescue in Silva's name..."

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