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Sir Terry Pratchett's right-hand man Rob Wilkins will be making a brief appearance in Fourecks this coming week. He will be signing copies of his afterword in The Shepherd's Crown, and answering questions about his work with Sir Pterry. Not to be missed!

Adelaide event:
When: Tuesday 29th September 2015
Venue: Dymocks Adelaide, 135 Rundle Mall, Adelaide, South Australia (phone 08 8223 5380)
Time: 12:30pm
Tickets: FREE! But must be pre-booked. See below.

Melbourne event:
When: Wednesday 30th September 2015
Venue: Dymocks Melbourne, 234 Collins Street, Melbourne 3000
Time: 6.30pm
Tickets: FREE! But must be booked in advance. To book, go to:


Editor's note: Wossname will be there, of course!


And why, do I hear you ask, is Mr Wilkins in Australia? Here's why:

"A unique scholarship for South Australian university students has been funded by the estate of best-selling British author Terry Pratchett. The $100,000 biannual scholarship will support a student studying a Masters by research at UniSA's Hawke Research Institute. In addition, scholarship holders will be given the opportunity to study at Trinity College Dublin, in Ireland, for up to a year during their two years of study. The estate of the late, and much loved, author announced the endowment of the Sir Terry Pratchett Memorial Scholarship in Adelaide today. UniSA Vice Chancellor Professor David Lloyd said the perpetual scholarship, like Pratchett's books, was a gift that would endure for generations. 'This extraordinary gift is the largest student scholarship of its kind in the history of the university,' Lloyd said. 'Terry was someone who was never shy of contributing to the things he believed in and as recipients of this wonderful bequest we are reminded of his commitment to inquiry and to learning.'..."


"In an envelope sealed until after his death in March, best-selling British author Terry Pratchett kept a $1 million secret, honouring a great friendship, a love of science fiction and his respect for higher education. Half a world away, the University of South Australia will now benefit from Pratchett's generosity in perpetuity, thanks to his close relationship with vice-chancellor David Lloyd. 'Last time we saw Terry, we went to his house in the UK last year and the kids were out feeding the sheep,' Professor Lloyd said. 'The next day he gave a letter to (manager) Rob Wilkins and in the letter he said he wanted to give this to the university. It was only opened on his birthday in April this year,' Professor Lloyd told The Australian..."


"The collaborative scholarship builds on a growing relationship between two very different universities in two hemispheres, who share links both through research and their strong associations with Sir Terry Pratchett and is underpinned by an MOU between Trinity College Dublin's Trinity Long Room Hub and UniSA's Hawke Research Institute.

Dean of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences at Trinity College Dublin, Prof Darryl Jones, says the School of English at Trinity was honoured to have Sir Terry Pratchett as an Adjunct Professor. 'His wit, his warmth, his intelligence and above all else, his humanity made him an unforgettable friend and colleague,' Prof Jones says. 'We miss him dearly, and we're delighted to be part of this joint endeavour with the University of South Australia. The Sir Terry Pratchett Memorial Scholarship is a fitting tribute to a wonderful writer and a remarkable man.'..."

And there's even some video! This is a four-minute selection of bits from the formal announcement, featuring David Lloyd, Rob Wilkins... and The Hat!



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