wossname: A Clacks rendering of GNU Terry Pratchett (GNU)
Terence David John Pratchett was born. The world will forever be better for his having been in it.

~ raises a toast~

wossname: A Clacks rendering of GNU Terry Pratchett (GNU)
Today millions of us are celebrating the birth of the incomparable, irreplaceable Sir Terry Pratchett. Speak his name. Remember him always. Keep him in the Overhead. But please don't wish him a 'happy birthday', because the only person truly qualified to do that is the fellow who TALKS LIKE THIS...

Here be a small selection of some of my favourite Pterry iconographs - some harvested from the Clacks, some sent to me by Newshounds. I think the lovely father-and-daughter one comes from Stephen Briggs' collection. Anyone? Otherwise, provenance given where known.

Thank you Terry Pratchett, for the years you gave to our world – even though they were far too few – and for the world you gave to our world. For your imagination. For your supreme talent as a seamless remixer of 'phrase and fable'. For turning the dreaded-by-all-students footnote into something to love and cherish. For your uncompromising worldview and stealth philosophy. For deathless words, for brave words about dying, and for the words of Death. And most of all, for creating characters who, to paraphrase Mistress Weatherwax, look (and feel) more like real people than real people.

Sir Terence David John Pratchett, 28th April 1948-12th March 2015. Gone but never, ever forgotten.

Professor and Blackboard Monitor!

At Secret Garden animal rescue sanctuary


Knighted by the real Quin

ISWM midnight signing, Waterstones, London


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