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Get your Feegle on, O Thespians of Fourecks' state of South Australia! Unseen Theatre's next Discworld play will NOT be Feet of Clay – instead, they have been given permission to stage the first Tiffany Aching novel, The Wee Free Men!

"What makes The Wee Free Men so wonderful is Pratchett's ability to make realistic, human characters in the middle of an otherwise zany world."

"There is such humanity and feeling in the undercurrents of this book that you won' be able to help but be taken back to your own childhood moments that have remained untainted by the harsh reality of adulthood."

The play will run from 15th to 30th April 2016 – but first, a cast is needed. Director Pamela Munt says, "Roles available: Too wide and varied to mention. Just come along if you are interested."

Auditions info:

When: Sunday 29th November 2015
Venue: Bakehouse Theatre, 255 Angas Street, Adelaide
Time: 5pm

Rehearsals will be held each week on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday evenings, running to this schedule:

December 8th to 20th (Christmas break)
Jan 3rd to Feb 11th (Fringe break)
March 15th to April 14th (Production Week commences Sunday April 10th)

If you are interested in auditioning, contact Pamela Munt at pamela@unseen.com.au to let her know. "No appointment time is necessary because the auditions will be run in a group format. BUT we do need an idea of numbers."

To view the Unseen Theatre's Facebook page, go to http://on.fb.me/1NRYGVH
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